G8 and G20 2010:
Canada's Objectives and Opportunities
for the Muskoka and Toronto Summits

An Outreach Session with Civil Society Stakeholders
in Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto
with Len Edwards, the Prime Minister's Personal Representative to the G8 and G20 Summits, Keith Christie, Foreign Affairs Sous-Sherpa, Yves Brodeur, Assistant Deputy Minister, International Security Branch and Political Director, Christine Hogan, Vice-President, Canadian International Development Agency, Graham Flack, G8 and G20 Finance Sous-Sherpa, and David Angell, the Prime Minister's Personal Representative to Africa in the G8
June 15, 2010

Presented by the G8 Research Group and G20 ResearchGroup
in conjunction with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

This event will be a videoconference that will be webcast live from this site.
To watch the webcast, click HERE.
(Note that there will be no image until the videoconference begins transmission)

For more information, please email g8@utoronto.ca.

Please note that all comments are off the record and not for citation or attribution.

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