G7/8 Justice and Interior Ministers

May 10, 2011
G8 and invited ministers involved in the fight against drug trafficking, Paris, France
Press dossier, contains list of participants (English) • Dossier de presse, avec liste des participants (Français)
Political Declaration [English] [French]
Draft Political Declaration (published in press dossier) [English] / Projet de déclaration (publiée dans le dossier de presse) [Français]
Action Plan [English] [Français]

May 28-29, 2009
G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers, Lampedusa, Italy

June 11-13, 2008
G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers Meeting, Tokyo
Concluding Declarations [PDF] [HTML]
Declaration on Capacity-Building Assistance [PDF] [HTML]

May 23-25, 2007
G8 Interior and Justice Ministers, Munich

June 15-16, 2006
G8 Interior and Justice Ministers and Attorneys General, Moscow
Press conference, June 16, 2006

November 9-10, 2005
G8 Home Affairs Ministers, London

June 16-17, 2005
G8 Justice and Interior Ministers, Sheffield, UK
Completed Documents:
- Best Practices for Law Enforcement Interaction with Victim-Companies during a Cybercrime Investigation, June 17, 2005
- Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: Communiqué
- Challenges Associated with Emerging Technologies for Law Enforcement – Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANS)

October 17-18, 2004
European G8 Interior Ministers, Florence
(Italy [host], Britain, France and Germany, plus Spain)

May 10–11, 2004
Justice and Home Affairs Ministers meeting, Washington
Communiqué, May 11, 2004 [PDF] [HTML]
Recommendations for Enhancing the Legal Framework to Prevent Terrorist Attacks [PDF]
Recommendations on Special Investigative Techniques and other Critical Measures for Combating Organized Crime and Terrorism [PDF]
Recommendations for Sharing and Protecting National Security Intelligence Information in the Investigation and Prosecution of Terrorists and Those Who Commit Associated Offenses [PDF]
Statement of Principles to Protect Asylum Processes from Abuse by Persons Involved in Terrorist Activities [PDF]
Best Practices for Network Security, Incident Response and Reporting to Law Enforcement [PDF]
Declaration on Recovering the Proceeds of Corruption [PDF]
Press conference, May 11, 2004 [HTML]

May 5, 2003
G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers meeting, Paris
Presidents' Summary [English]
Sommaire des Présidents [français]

May 13–14, 2002
G8 Justice and Interior Ministers meeting, Mont-Tremblant, Québec
Chairpersons' Summary

February 26, 27, 2001
G7/G8 Justice and Interior Ministers, Milan

December 10, 1997
G7/G8 Justice and Interior Ministers, Washington DC
Press Release from Department of Justice, U.S.
Press Release from Department of Justice, Canada

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