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Talk to us, & to one other by using our Bulletin Boards

This site is designed to provide straight forward information about the G8, its history, evolution and agenda through the lectures, tutorials and supplemental content. But just as importantly, G8 Online is a forum dedicated to provoking intelligent and lively discussion amongst anyone who wants to share their thoughts on the G8, Global Governance and related topics.

There are different ways you can interact with this site. Firstly, we've set up a series of bulletin boards to correspond with themes/issues important to this year's G8 Summit as well as to past Summit agendas. Each bulletin board will have one or more Teaching Assistant assigned to contribute to the conversation. Registering for these boards is quick and easy and you can join the discussion at any point.

In addition to the bulletin boards, the Teaching Assistants will answer G8 country-specific questions as well as any questions that directly related to the course syllabus breakdown. Below, is a chart that provides the categories and contact information.