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G8 Online 2004 is a university-level, English-and French-language online program of 26 lectures (video, audio and text) with supporting materials, tutorials and other interactive features. The course will focus on the G7/G8 and G20 systems of global governance in general, and the U.S.-hosted 2004 Summit at Sea Island, Georgia, on June 8-10, 2004, in particular.

The first video lecture will be available online January 8, 2004 with subsequent lectures airing once a week in the months leading up to the Summit. Additional lectures, commentary, reporting and analysis will be produced and aired during the Summit itself including a new series called "Oral History of the Summit".

G8 Online is free for anyone to use: students, instructors, media, other professionals and interested citizens around the world, for immediate and subsequent use. We encourage instructors to use G8 Online in its entirety or in its component parts in their own courses.

G8 Online 2004 provides in-depth information for a clear understanding of the G8 institutions, the issues on the agenda at Sea Island, and the approach of Canada and other member countries to those issues. It offers interested users from around the world a comprehensive, inclusive dialogue on the institutions of the G7/G8, and the influences between and among all the member countries, and the G8's priorities, commitments and compliance. G8 Online will also closely consider the increasing impact of civil society on the G7/G8 process and offer an interactive, participant-led forum on the issues involved. Commentary in the lectures and interviews will come from leading academics, experts in the field, key journalists, high-level politicians, civil servants and former sherpas, as well as representatives from NGOs.

The first half of the G8 Online 2004 courses will examine the historical evolution of the G7/G8 system, its place in global governance and each member country's relationship to the G7/G8 (including the European Union). The second half will focus on the upcoming G8 Sea Island Summit.The student-led supplemental material will look at development-related issues. Onsite sessions at Sea Island and post-Summit evaluations will look at whether the Summit delivers what was predicted during the preceding lessons and tutorials. Interactive features and links to other sources will allow users from around the world to participate meaningfully and constructively.

In addition to the 26 lectures, G8 Online will also feature the proceedings of the G8 Research Group's pre-Summit conference, which will be videoconferenced among centres across North America from a hub at Indiana University on June 3 ­4, 2004. The conference, entitled "Securing Prosperity: Why America Needs the G8", will explore issues including the Global Partnership on Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction, transport security, macroeconomic policy co-ordination, foreign direct investment and corporate governance, trade and sustainable development, and finance.