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Discussion #3
TAs: Kristiana Powell, Jacob Young, and Petra Kukacka
"Canadian Foreign Policy and the G8"

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Picture of Discussion Participants In this session the teaching assistants investigate Canada's principal power status in relation to the G8. They debate the country's ability to project its power beyond its borders, its dependence on its powerful neighbours, and its ability to utilize soft and hard power to effectively promote its own autonomous foreign policy initiatives.

The TAs question whether Canada will be able to maintain other states' adherence to the initiatives set out in the Kananaskis agenda. They emphasize the influence of the United States' rising unilateral tendencies that are linked to their main priority: terrorism.

The teaching assistants discuss whether Canada will follow a diplomacy of concert or constraint at Kananaskis. They investigate Canada's projected policy priorities: the promotion of prosperity and employment, global peace and security, and Canadian values and culture. Moreover, they question whether Canada has a particularly unique set of values to promote.