G7/G8 Bibliography of Scholarly Works

Compiled by Peter I. Hajnal, University of Toronto
April 24, 1998, revised on February 24, 2004

Books, and Publications in Series

Book Chapters

Periodical and Newspaper Articles

Government Publications

International Organizations Publications

Internet Resources

Selective list of monographs, articles in periodicals (journals and magazines but generally not newspapers except for analytical articles by summit personalities or reports of reference value), and governmental and international organization publications. Items covered deal entirely or partly with the G7 or with G7-related issues.

Methodological note: this bibliography is based on searches of the catalogs and bibliographic databases of the Joint Library of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Harvard University libraries, the University of Toronto Library, Business Abstracts, PAIS International, and various other databases and printed indexes and bibliographies. Wherever possible, items were inspected prior to inclusion in the bibliography.