Picture of the catalogue cover, Fifteenth Century Italian Woodcuts From the Biblioteca Classense Fifteenth Century Italian Woodcuts From the Biblioteca Classense, ISBN 0772760039, 35 pages, $5.00
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Exhibited for the first time outside Italy, this unique collection of fifteenth-century woodcuts, mostly of Italian origin, from the Biblioteca Classense, the library founded by the Camaldolese monks of Classe, the old sea-port for Ravenna, is composed of single-sheet incunables. They had originally been interleaved among the legal texts owned by the notary, Jacopo Rubieri and are for the most part, hand-coloured, single-sheet woodblock prints, although the collection also contains four engravings and one metcalcut. The catalogue, by Robin Healey, won a first place award from the Rare Books and Manuscripts Sections of the American Library Association.

 Picture of the catalogue cover, From Aquinas to Atwood From Aquinas to Atwood, ISBN 0772760462, 155 p., $20.00
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This exhibition celebrates gifts in Italian studies to the University of Toronto Library from 1890, when the original Library and its collections were destroyed by fire, to the present day, with the University's collections fast approaching ten million books. Most of the books in the exhibition were printed between the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries, and are shown with some modern books, and with manuscripts, prints, and broadsides. The exhibition and accompanying catalogue were prepared by Robin Healey, of the Collection Development Department, Robarts Research Library.

 Picture of the catalogue cover,  From Cavalcanti to Calvino: 500 years of Italian editions and English translations From Cavalcanti to Calvino: 500 years of Italian editions and English translations, ISBN 0772760217 , 64 pages, $20.00
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From Cavalcanti to Calvino, curated by Dr. Robin Healey, is constructed from printed books, drawn from the earliest as well as the most recent works of Italian literature and of its translators, and gathered examples both from the collections of the Thomas Fisher Library and from the Robarts Research Library, celebrating the influence of Italian literature on English literature, from the Middle Ages to the present day. The exhibition was intended as a testimony not only to the builders of the Library's collections, but also as evidence of the historical and continuing importance of Italian writing to English letters, and of Italian culture to the world.

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 Picture of the catalogue cover, Hopeful Travellers Hopeful Travellers - Italian Explorers, Missionaries, Merchants, and Adventurers from the Middle Ages to Modern Times, ISBN 0772760616, 152 pages, $20.00 | Ref. #7039
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This exhibition is about travellers, and the exhibits are for the most part accounts of their travels. There are few restrictions: the journeys will be to anywhere in the world, at any time from the thirteenth to the twentieth centuries. Some of the books and maps were published as recently as this century, others were first printed in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The travellers' tales were most often written down by the travellers themselves, or perhaps dictated to amanuenses, soon after their return. Not all are truthful, though most claim to be. One restriction is self-evident: for the journeys to have been recorded at all they must have been at least partly successful. The second restriction is more interesting: each of the explorers and cartographers is Italian, and they are all men - for the cultures of the times, even into the twentieth century, excluded Italian women from such ventures. But these were Italians who, though living at the centre of the Mediterranean region, with opportunities for trade, profit, and God's work close by on every side, chose to cross the deserts, the oceans, and the mountains. Suffice to say that they did, and the world was changed, and they were rewarded.

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 Picture of the catalogue cover, In Honour of our Friends In Honour of our Friends, ISBN 0772760306, 72 pages, $20.00
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In Honour of Our Friends is an exhibition celebrating four years of gifts to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, organized around a number of themes and subject areas, reflecting some outstanding new collections which have been recently established, as well as highlighting gifts which build on the Library's already established strengths in various disciplines. The chosen themes are: Hebraica (a new area of strength for this Library); Early Printed Books; Arts of the Book; the History of Science and Medicine; Exploration and Travel; English and American Literature (showing examples from several new author collections); and Canadiana. Included, among many other treasures, are: a fragment of the Mishnah written sometime from the ninth to the eleventh century; because the colophon is damaged the date cannot be accurately deciphered; an unsigned letter that could be in the hand of Galileo, written in 1633 while he was awaiting trial on a charge of heresy; and a proof copy of Robert Service's Songs of a Sourdough (1907).

 Picture of the catalogue cover, In Retrospect: Designer Bookbindings by Michael Wilcox In Retrospect: Designer Bookbindings by Michael Wilcox
ISBN 0772760284, 70 pages, $30.00
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Michael Wilcox is a master bookbinder who began his career in the English trade bindery in 1955. Now an internationally renowned binder whose works are found in many North American libraries, he has selected the twenty-two bindings that are currently on display in the Fisher Library. In the words of Richard Landon, director of the Fisher Library, the exhibition demonstrates "the marriage of inspired art with impeccable craftsmanship". The Library has brought together examples from its own collections and from many other North American libraries, including the National Library of Canada, Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University, the Lilly Library, the Grolier Club and a number of private collections, including the binder's own.

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 Picture of the catalogue cover, J.B. Tyrrell: Explorer and Adventurer: the Geological Survey years, 1881-1898 J.B. Tyrrell: Explorer and Adventurer: the Geological Survey years, 1881-1898
ISBN 077276011X, 72 pages, $10.00
Digitized material from the Tyrrell Collection/Order Catalogue

This exhibition celebrates the hundredth anniversary of the amazing expedition across the Barren Lands of J. B. Tyrrell, geologist, engineer, businessman, palaeontologist, and historian and his small group of fellow explorers for the Geological Survey of Canada. Tyrrell joined the Geological Survey in 1881, going on his first field survey to the Rocky Mountains, with George Mercer Dawson in 1883. He discovered dinosaur remains in Alberta, explored Manitoba from 1887 to 1891. Lake Athabasca and then the Canadian North, in several trips to the Barren Lands in 1893 and 1894. The materials on display were selected by Katharine Martyn, curator of the exhibition, from the huge collection of papers and other materials Tyrrell left as a bequest to the University of Toronto Library.

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