Picture of the catalogue cover, David Thompson 'The age of guessing is passed away': An Exhibition to Mark the David Thompson Bicentennial
ISBN 0772760624, 16 pages, $5.00 | Ref. #7040

This celebration of the remarkable achievements of Canadian explorer, trader and cartographer David Thompson (1770-1857) forms part of the North American David Thompson Bicentennials initiative. As the institution that holds one of the primary source documents of the life of Thompson, the narrative of his 'Travels', the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library has undertaken this exhibition to commemorate not only his life, writings and works, but also the long and rich tradition from which he came-the explorers and fur traders who mapped Canada.

 Picture of the catalogue cover, All in the Golden Afternoon All in the golden afternoon
ISBN 0772760314, 108 pages, $30.00
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All in the golden afternonn celebrates the Library's acquisition several years ago of the Joseph Brabant Collection of Lewis Carroll and Charles L. Dodgson. The exhibition and catalogue, a collaboration between Richard Landon, and Alice Moore, one of his students, concentrates on the special strength of the Brabant Collection, its magnificent run of editions of the Alice books from 1865 until almost the end of the twentieth century. Also shown are some of the rare Dodgson material. The exhibition is arranged under seven headings: The Collector and His Collection; Mr. Dodgson and Lewis Carroll; C.L. Dodgson as Correspondent; C.L. Dodgson as Photographer; The Artists and Alice; The Hunting of the Snark and Other Poems; C.L. Dodgson as Artist; and The Works of C.L. Dodgson.

 Picture of the catalogue cover, Ars medica Ars medica:
medical illustration through the ages

ISBN 077276056X 68 pages; $30.00 | Ref. #7035

This exhibition commemorates the seventieth anniversary of the founding of Associated Medical Services which has done much to promote the study of the history of medicine at the University of Toronto, and was instrumental in acquiring the Jason A. Hannah Collection in the History of Medicine for the Fisher Library. Books exhibited include some stunning anatomical atlases, important medical landmarks, such as the first editions of Andreas Vesalius (1543) and Edward Jenner (1798), and other lesser known books with illustrations.

 Picture of the catalogue cover, Art on the Wing Art on the Wing: British, American and Canadian Illustrated Bird Books from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century
ISBN 0772760292, 80 pages, $20.00
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This exhibition, curated by Joan Winearls, examines the changing styles and techniques in bird art over the last three centuries, beginning with etching and engraving, wood-engraving and lithography, and the hand-colouring of illustrations, followed by chromolithography and experiments in colour printing, up to the photo- reproduction techniques employed after the middle of this century. On display are such works as Gould's hummingbirds, Lear's toucans, Wolf's falcons and Audubon's warblers along with twentieth century works such as Fuertes' hawk, Brooks' and Shortt's ducks and Peterson's first field guide.

 Picture of the catalogue cover, As the Centuries Turn As the Centuries Turn
ISBN 0772760322, 68 pages, $20.00

As the Centuries Turn features a selection of manuscripts and printed books from the collections of the Fisher Library, exhibiting the book as it has appeared over the centenaries of the past thousand years. Beginning with a large and much worn Hebrew manuscript of the Pentateuch dating from approximately 1000, the exhibition goes on to other manuscripts of the next 300 years, including such splendid illuminated manuscripts as the Missale Pragense, produced between 1400 and 1410 in Bohemia. Early printed works include a 1498 Bible, with woodcut illustrations and initials, and a 1499 illustrated edition of Terence's Comoediae. Printed books from 1600, 1700, and 1800 include works of science, exploration, and literature. Canadian works are represented in both 1800 and 1900, including such evocative items as the McTavish, Frobisher and Co. fur trade agreement of 1800, and photographs of Dawson City at the turn of the twentieth century. The exhibition and catalogue have been a collaboration involving many of the staff of the Fisher Library.

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 Picture of the catalogue cover, Bibliophilia Bibliophilia scholastica floreat: Fifty Years of Rare Books and Special Collections at the University of Toronto
ISBN 0772760551    132 pages; $30.00 | Ref. #7033
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This exhibition, mounted to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, reveals something of the vast range and depth of holdings of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto. Divided into several sections, it features a variety of items from the library’s collections of early manuscripts and printed books, Shakespeareana, science and medical texts, Enlightenment materials, juvenile drama artifacts, Anglo-Irish literature, Canadiana, as well as the evocative artistic works of Thoreau MacDonald. In addition, the exhibition highlights the personal art of collecting as well as examples of the fine art of book binding. The exhibition and accompanying catalogue were prepared by the director of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Richard Landon.


 Picture of the catalogue cover, Book History and Print Culture Book History and Print Culture
ISBN 0772760365, 99 pages, $20.00
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This exhibition Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library was undertaken to commemorate the founding of the Collaborative Program in Book History and Print Culture, whose first classes began in September 2000. The items chosen, ranging from a 1789 B.C. Babylonian clay tablet to a manuscript of Margaret Atwood, from the collections of the Fisher Library and from the Library of Massey College, the home of the Collaborative Program, combine interesting and important titles with the many different methods used to convey their texts. The catalogue descriptions point out the physical details of each object providing the basis for an historical understanding of the book, and its role in cultural history. Prepared by a collaborative team of Sandra Alston, Anne Dondertman, Marie Korey, Richard Landon and Philip Oldfield, with contributions from Luba Frastacky, Edna Hajnal, and Jennifer Toews, the catalogue was edited by Marie Korey, Richard Landon and Philip Oldfield.

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 Picture of the catalogue cover, CanlitCanlit without Covers : Recent Acquisitions of Canadian Literary Manuscripts
ISBN 0-7727-6054-3, 16 pages, $5.00
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This summer exhibition features Canadian literary papers held by the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, including those of Margaret Atwood, Joy Fielding, Alberto Manguel and Erika Ritter. The display is divided into thematic groupings which trace the development of a text from the initial germ of an idea, to the various manuscript drafts and revisions, through the publication process, to the public reception of the work. The exhibition and accompanying catalogue were prepared by Anne Dondertman, Assistant Director of the Fisher Library.

 Picture of the catalogue cover, Sylvia Ptak Commentary: an exhibition of work by Sylvia Ptak
ISBN 0-7727-6049-7, 24 pages, $5.00
Due to popular demand this catalogue is sold out.

In "Commentary" Toronto-based artist Sylvia Ptak creates gauze 'texts' inspired by items from the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library's collection. Works in the exhibition explore the multiple meanings that texts generate. Ptak simulates script to create texts of indecipherable writing. The works are comprised of fabric 'pages' and interventions within texts from the library's collection. The exhibition was prepared by Sylvia Ptak and the accompanying catalogue by Kyo Maclear and Sylvia Ptak.

 Picture of the catalogue cover, Cooper & Beatty Cooper & Beatty: Designers with Type
50 pages, $20.00
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During its almost seventy years of existence, the firm of Cooper & Beatty had been prominent, first in Toronto and Ontario, and then during the 1950s and 1960s in the rest of Canada and the United States. The firm prided itself on its tradition of creative excellence; at one time or another, typography created by Cooper & Beatty craftsmen appeared in the print ads of every major advertiser in Canada. This exhibition, curated by Edna Hajnal and Richard Landon, and the heavily illustrated catalogue document some of the highlights of the firm's history, based on the records housed at the Thomas Fisher Library.

 Picture of the catalogue cover,  The Culture of the Book in the Scottish Enlightenment The Culture of the Book in the Scottish Enlightenment
ISBN 0772760357,160 pages, $20.00
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This exhibition at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library was devoted to the culture of the book in the Scottish Enlightenment, and was timed to coincide with the conference “Memory and Identity: Past and Present”, held jointly by the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, and the Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society. The catalogue which accompanied the exhibition consists of four essays, by Roger Emerson, Richard Sher, Stephen Brown, and Paul Wood, on various aspects of book history during the Scottish Enlightenment of the eighteenth century. The essays are supplemented by a list of the items displayed, which include, in addition to printed books and newspapers, several prints by Hogarth, glass enamel portraits by James Tassie, and a replica of the Portland Vase.

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