Bagnani, Gilbert, 1900-1985. [ Finding Aid ]
Papers, [1835?]-1980. 4 boxes and items.
Collection of volumes and papers from the library of Bagnani and his wife.

Bailey, Don.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1961- ongoing. 67+ boxes.
Drafts and final typescripts for literary and non-literary writings, correspondence.

Baillie, James, 1904-1970.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1920-1989 (predominant 1930-1970). 130 boxes and items.
Correspondence, manuscript dictionary of naturalists, bird watching journals and notes, scrapbooks, microfilm copy of his newspaper columns, family papers.

Balfour, James.[ Finding Aid ]
Drawings, 1883.
Architectural drawings of Hamilton houses.

Banting, Frederick, Sir, 1891-1941.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1908-1976. 72 boxes and items.
Research notes and papers on the discovery of insulin, as well as correspondence, articles, speeches, travel journals, sketches and drawings, scrapbooks, photographs, awards, memorabilia, and papers of Henrietta Banting.

Barbarian Press.[ Finding Aid ] [ Finding Aid ] [ Finding Aid ]
Records, 1987-ongoing. 86 boxes.
Correspondence, designs, dummies, proofs from blocks, and page proofs.

Barnett, John M., d. 1973.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1944-1972. 8 boxes.
Nature notes, diaries, correspondence, and drawings and photographs of birds and plants.

Batten, Jack, 1932- . [ Finding Aid ]
Papers. 74 boxes.
Manuscripts, correspondence and other material related to Batten's published work.

Bauer, Walter, 1904-1976. [ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1950-1976. 4 boxes.
Drafts, revisions of short stories and radio plays, as well as typescripts of poems.

Beattie, John.
Papers, 1913. 1 box.
Typescript of Frank Walker Beattie's unpublished book, With the Durham R.E.'s.

Beckerman, Miriam.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1971-1999. 1 box.
Audio cassette interview with Margaret Atwood, correspondence from John Fowles, Adrienne Clarkson, Margaret Atwood and Helen Weinzweig and essay on Atwood.

Beer, George Louis.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers. 1902-1920. 81 items and boxes.
Notes for published works on British colonial affairs and immigration to Canada, notes and manuscript for unpublished work on South Carolina.

Bell, Naomi.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1923-2003. 23 boxes and items.
Yiddish folk songs and other songs, including Canonical and Art Songs; rare and fragile music and song books; cassettes of 'Naomiís Programs' and collected songs; research notes, lecture-recital material, workshops and presentations.

Bell (W.C.) Collection of Stephen Leacock, 1913-1932.[ Finding Aid ]
Letters and galley proofs for College Days. 1 box & mapcase folders.
Correspondence from Stephen Leacock to W.C. Bell, his Canadian agent.

Bennett, Gerry, 1921-1999.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1950s-1990. 40 boxes.
Typed journals recording his bird sightings and other observations from natural history; correspondence with other naturalists; research notes and files on ornithological topics, including birding records and lists; drafts and typescripts for some of his writings; newsletters from ornithological organizations

Benson Family.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1864-1876. 1 box.
Correspondence containing family news and comments on life in the British Army.

Bernhardt, Karl, 1901-1967.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1926-1963. 20 boxes and items.
Collection of notes, drafts and manuscripts for articles, lectures and addresses by Bernhardt, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, and former director of the Institute of Child Study.

Best, Charles Herbert, 1899- .[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1928-1985. 275 boxes and items.
Research notes and articles related to the discovery of insulin, along with his other medical research; correspondence, lectures notes, articles and photographs.

Bienkowska, Danuta Irena.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, [1939-1945]. 4 boxes and items.
Diaries, manuscripts of poetry and prose, correspondence.

Birdsall & Son.[ Finding Aid ]
Records, 1840-1961. 23 boxes and items.
Photographs and rubbings of bindings, tool designs, tooling patterns and drawings.

Birney, Earle, 1904-1995.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1896-1987. 287 boxes and items.
Correspondence, drafts and final typescripts for literary writings, teaching materials, scrapbooks, photographs.

Bland, J.O.P. (John Otway Percy), 1863-1945.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1883-1954. 76 boxes and items. Microfilm.
Correspondence, China journals (from 1883-1885 and 1906-1910), typescripts of published works, scrapbooks, photographs.

Bland-Sutton, John, Sir, 1855-1936.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1918-[1937?]. 1 box.
Collection of letters and memorabilia relating to Bland-Sutton, eminent anatomist and pathologist at the Middlesex Hospital and Medical School; includes a small amount of material relating to his close friend, Rudyard Kipling.

Blatz, W.E. (William Emet), 1895-1964.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1919-1979. 53 boxes, 9 filing cabinets.
Personal and professional papers, historical materials relating to the Institute of Child Study and associated schools. Note: Some materials under access restriction.

Bliss, Michael, 1941- .[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, [197?-198?]. 6 boxes.
Manuscripts, typescripts and research materials for Bliss' books The Discovery of Insulin and Banting: A Biography.

Blissett, William.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1953-1984.
Collection of letters and postcards from contemporary Canadian, British and American poets in response to Blisset's inquiry as to the influence of Edmund Spencer on their work.

Bode collection of Litovchenko.

Borden, Robert Laird, Sir, 1854-1937.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1880-1937. 26 boxes
Correspondence, diaries and miscellaneous documents of both a political and personal nature.

Boultbee, Horatio Clarence, 1876-1952.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, [1930?]-1967. 1 box.
Correspondence relating to the posthumous publication of Boultbee's work.

Brabant Lewis Carroll Manuscript Collection.[ Finding Aid ]
[1866?]-1896. 7 boxes
Correspondence from Charles L. Dodgson, memorabilia; also contains Joseph Brabant's notes and correspondence about the collection.

Bristol, Bayly and Armour.[ Finding Aid ]
Records, 1905-1920. 14 boxes.
Legal correspondence and documents chiefly on behalf of mining and transport companies.

Bronowski, Jacob, 1908-1974. [ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1950-1974. 323 boxes and items.
Research materials and manuscripts for his writings, lectures, and film series, The Ascent of Man, correspondence.

Brown, Harcourt.
Papers, 1923-1983.
Correspondence, manuscript drafts, research notes and materials for lectures and writings; also contains papers of his students.

Brown, Quentin.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, [1946?]. 1 box.
Collection of materials relating to Lennox Robinson, playwright and director of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin.

Brown, Russell.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1972-1999. 69 boxes.
Literary papers, editorial and correspondence files.

Brundle, John.
Papers, [195-?]. 10 boxes.
Music; typescripts of books and articles on local history of Roches Point, Ont.; short stories.

Bryden, Ronald.[ Finding Aid ][ Finding Aid ]
Papers, [1897]-2004. 16 boxes, 2 items.
Original scripts, journals and research materials on theatre and theatre history, and correspondence from theatre writers, actors and directors.

Buchanan, Milton A. (Milton Alexander), 1878-1952.
Papers, 1904-1952. 26 items + woodcut.
Research notes on Bartolmé José Gallardo, and northeastern North American place names; holograph, typescript and printed works; a typed bibliography.

Buckler, Ernest.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1929-1989. 46 boxes.
Drafts and final typescripts for writings, correspondence, photographs.

Burns, Mary.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1959-2005. 47 boxes.
Early writings and drafts of published and unpublished material, research, and personal and business correspondence.

Buttrick, Ann.[ Finding Aid ]
Papers, 1968-1979. 11 boxes.
Collection of materials relating to the anti-Vietnam War activities of Buttrick, created in connection with The International Committee to Free South Vietnamese Political Prisoners from Detention, Torture, and Death; includes correspondence, Vietnamese government publications, audio recordings of Toronto events, newspaper clippings and printed matter.

Byrne, J. Patrick, 1908- . see O Broin, Pádraig

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