History, Politics and Economics

The general collections of the Fisher Library contain numerous works in many special subject groups, such as the Popish Plot, 1678, the Rye House Plot, 1683, the trial of Dr. Henry Sacheverell, 1710, and the Brabant uprising against Joseph II, 1789-1790.

Czechoslovakia 1968

Assembled by Professor H. Gordon Skilling, this is a collection of both manuscript and printed matter on the 1968 uprising. Supplementary materials are provided by a collection covering the political development of Czechoslovakia from the 1930s to the uprising; by Radio Free Europe publications; and by documents relating to Charter 77. For a full listing of other special collections of Central and East European materials, please visit the web site of the Petro Jacyk Central & East European Resource Centre, University of Toronto.

John G. Edison Churchill Collection

Donated by John G. Edison, this collection focuses on the life and career of Sir Winston Spencer Churchill, including first editions and subsequent printings, collected editions, items to which he contributed forewords, prefaces, introductions and articles, ephemera, and secondary literature on Churchill, his family and contemporaries.

French Revolution Collection

This collection contains over 1300 contemporary books, pamphlets and periodicals, on all aspects of the French Revolution. It includes works by such important figures as Necker, Robespierre and Mirabeau, and some plays.

Mark Gayn Collection

The papers of newspaper correspondent Mark Gayn (1909-1981) contain eye-witness accounts of many of the significant events of the twentieth century, particularly in China and Japan, and interviews with world leaders and military personnel. Supplementing this primary source material are rare ephemera, pamphlets, photographs, newspaper clippings and realia.

Robert S. Kenny Collection

This is an impressive collection, named in honour of its originator, which documents the history and impact of communism and other radical movements and ideas worldwide, thereby chronicling many of the significant events of modern times.

Keynes Collection

The gift of Professor John G. Slater, this collection contains first and subsequent editions of works by Maynard Keynes, together with some criticism and biography.

Macaulay Collection

This collection, the gift of Professors Jane and Michael Millgate, includes virtually all editions of works by Thomas Babington Macaulay, and runs of Knight's Quarterly Magazine and the Edinburgh Review.

Shelden Australian Collection

This collection, largely assembled by William L. Shelden, encompasses many aspects of Australian history, social life and literature. It is particularly rich in nineteenth century accounts of the exploration of the South Pacific and the interior of the Australian continent.

NSZZ Solidarnosc

A collection containing publications by members of the Solidarity and other workers' movements in Poland, newspaper clippings, typescript articles and ephemera. For a full listing of other special collections of Central and East European materials, please visit the web site of the Petro Jacyk Central & East European Resource Centre, University of Toronto.

Spanish Civil War Collection

Formed with the assistance of the Canadian Committee for a Democratic Spain, this collection contains books, pamphlets, posters and some manuscript material, as well as historical works on Spain during the 1930s.

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